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  • Armando Romeo

    Armando Romeo

    Global Entrepreneur | Investor | A successful exit in Cybersecurity | Helping founders grow their startup and exit.

  • Elizabeth van Rooyen

    Elizabeth van Rooyen

    Facilitating growth capital to amazing technologists down under. đź“ŤAustralia & New Zealand. Try diligr.io to find your next investors.

  • Michael Wolfe

    Michael Wolfe

    Co-founder, Gladly. Advisor at Point Nine Capital. Five startups. Endurance athlete, SF dweller. Quora addict. Fanboy.

  • Louis Coppey

    Louis Coppey

    VC @pointninecap, @MIT grad, writing about #VC, #SaaS, and #Automation.

  • Boris Golden

    Boris Golden

    Hands-on & entrepreneur-friendly VC @Partechventures. I invest in seed & early-stage startups, mainly in France. Ex-entrepreneur & startup mentor.

  • Nick Hanauer

    Nick Hanauer

    Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, civic activist, philanthropist, author. Read our new book, The Gardens of Democracy.

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures

  • Nikesh Arora

    Nikesh Arora

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