A methodology in five simple steps

I learned how to run forecast and pipeline reviews, first, by distilling what my sales managers did when I was a sales rep and, then, building my own systems as a sales leader at Revinate, at Framer, and advising a number of B2B SaaS companies. I still find it fascinating that there’s no formal training or widely accepted methods for such an important part of sales and that most of us have to learn on the job.

Going beyond my own methodology, I wanted to generate confidence that I’m following all the best practices, and in order to learn from…

7 things SaaS founders should do to improve sales operations before gearing up for scale

The Series A is generally raised to scale the business. As Point 9 puts it, you should raise an A when you have moved from PMF to GTM Fit.

Operational Excellence is one of the most undervalued and overlooked levers used by sales professionals. Some of you may know what’s coming. Yes, it sometimes means pain. Yes, changes in behavior too. And it won’t work without some discipline — that’s enough to make many sales people recoil. But I can demonstrate that by using just a little diligent application you could benefit from exponentially greater returns of revenue for every unit of time. …

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Why this is critical to hiring your VP Sales.

What does the transition from “Product Market Fit” to “Go To Market Scale” actually mean to a B2B Startup? Startup founders need to be able to answer this because getting it right is the difference between hyper growth, slow growth or death of a startup.

It’s crucial for founders to understand what the progression to “Go To Market Scale” means for B2B SaaS and sequence events correctly. At this stage of growth, you’ve probably realized you need a VP Sales to move forward. But what type of VP Sales do you…

You’re ready. You have a product, you have product-market fit (or you want to find out if you do), you’re out there making things happen and you want to start selling. You want to become a revenue machine. But what do you do? These are the steps that anyone can use to begin building the revenue engine for an early stage B2B SaaS startup. This isn’t the only path and can and should be used with other revenue channels, but it’s a channel within your control and the results are immediate. How do I know this works? …

So your company is thriving coast to coast in the United States and you’re thinking about opening a remote European office — what’s next? Although many business practices transfer fairly easily across the Atlantic, there are some surprises waiting for American companies once they open an office in Europe. Here are a few things to know before you make the big jump across the pond:

Establish a core team committed to the global culture of the company

The most important thing about opening a European office is to establish a core team that is really committed to the values and culture that made your company successful in the U.S. Most U.S. companies…

Seth DeHart

Advising B2B SaaS startups with building and optimizing their sales engines. sethdehart@gmail.com

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